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Bill Turner

Dana Blankenship

Husband- Bryan Blankenship 

Children:  Daughters:  Whitney Watercutter & Leah Cornett;  Step-sons: Derek Blankenship, Tanner Blankenship, and Jake Blankenship

School Principal Peaks Mill Elementary Frankfort KY

Hobbies/interests: Reading, napping, baking, being outside, my dog, chocolate, shoes, raising chickens,

Interesting fact about yourself: I moved to Georgetown in 2013.  I have worked in public education for 31 years and I am proud of that.

 I grew up in a small town in eastern Kentucky and I am very proud of where I came from. I know how  to do a lot of things because of that background.  I spend the early part of my adult life raising tobacco and cattle. I graduated high school with my husband but did not marry him until 30 years later.  Once in the winter when I was little, I caught chickens ( about twelve)  and put them in the house so they would not be cold.

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