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"Helping people enjoy the presence of God." This phrase captures the heart of our ministry.


Our goal is to make our time with God something we cannot live without - even when we're not at church. We have a variety of ways to be involved in the Worship Ministry, including:

  • Worship Choir

  • Praise Band

  • Multimedia Arts

Whether you sing, play an instrument or enjoy drama, we'd love for you to be a part.




The goal of our media ministries is to provide the best means to communicate with our culture. 

In the process of expanding these ministries, we have created the following opportunities for you:

  • Multimedia Engineers

  • Lighting Engineers

  • Audio Engineers

  • Video Recording/Editing Ministries

  • Web Technologies

If you think you'd enjoy working in any of these areas, helping us minister to people behind the scenes, please contact TJ or the Church Office.

Worship and Media Ministries

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