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What JBQ Looks Like!

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Junior Bible Quiz​

JBQ is a great ministry that can take your children to a deeper level of knowing God's word!


Purpose: to give children a strong foundation in the Word of God.


That's the reason we do it, but it does have many other benefits!


Quizzers will:

1. learn Bible verses, facts and theology.

2. learn how to compete graciously and with integrity.

3. develop team skills, selflessness & good sportsmanship (in success & failure).

4. build a strong work ethic through discipline.

5. practice meeting responsibilities & expectations.

6. improve in public speaking & confidence.

7. improve their study skills & ability to retain information.

8. enjoy being a part of a team and, perhaps, traveling with them.

9. build new & lasting friendships with their teammates & competitors!

10. be transformed by God's Word as they ingest it. (It is alive & active. It does not return void!) In fact, 95% of quizzers who complete JBQ stay with the Lord through adulthood!


Why it works:

1. Competition, camaraderie and incentives (trophies, candy, trips, etc.) motivate quizzers to do the hard work of studying.

2. Material that is mastered sticks because of the spaced repetition & the youth of their minds.

3. Parental involvement demonstrates to quizzers that their parents value & prioritize the Bible.

4. Parents also find invaluable, teachable moments to inspire and disciple their children as they study together.


How it works:

1. Quizzers (K-6) study about 15 minutes a day, mastering 576 questions a few at a time.

2. They attend weekly practices to sharpen their skills on the quiz box & to build team dynamics.

3. They compete monthly (Oct-Apr) against local churches.

4. They may also travel with the team to tournaments: Invitationals, Regionals & Nationals.

5. There are 2-8 quizzers on a team, but only 4 teammates may be at the table at once.

6. Each match is 20 questions of varying difficulty & point value.


KY Specifics:

1. When? first Saturday of each month from about 9am-1pm

2. Where? Lexington First A/G at the corner of Pasadena & Clays Mill

3. Levels of competition: A-league (K-G6), B-league (K-G3), C-league (K-G1)


For more info, see:


We look forward to working with your children!

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