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"Pastor Kelleher:" and whatever else you would like to place in the subject.

Thanks! Message sent.

Pastor Carl & Gail Kelleher

Pastor Toney Browning

TJ Thorn

Bobbi Van Til

Makayla Browning

Debbie Trayler

Dawn Tinney​

Bill and Kim Turner

Carl Kelleher is the Senior Pastor at Trinity.

He is also the head of the Men's Ministries.

To Contact:

To contact anyone on this list call: 502-863-5233 or fax: 502-863-4507

And let us know who the message is for. ​

Toney is the Youth Pastor at Tinity.

TJ is the Worship Leader at Trinity.

He leads while playing the drums or piano.

Bobbie is the Coordinator of our Life Groups on Sunday mornings.

Makayla is the Assistant Youth Director.

She helps the Youth Pastor with all the events and services for the Youth Group.

Dawn is the Director of the Children's Ministries. She leads the children's services on Sunday mornings. 

Is the head of the Women's Ministries.

Bill and Kim head the Bible Quizzing ministries. 

Meet the Team

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