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Teen Bible Quiz

TBQ is a great ministry that can take your teenager to a deeper level of knowing God's word!


Purpose: to root and ground teenagers in the Word of God.


That's the reason we do it, but it does have many other benefits!


Quizzers will:

1. learn & quote Bible verses repeatedly (building the disciplines of muttering & meditating.)

2. have great theological discussions, using critical thinking skills.

3. learn how to compete graciously and with integrity.

4. develop team skills, selflessness & good sportsmanship (in success & failure.)

5. build a strong work ethic through discipline.

6. practice meeting responsibilities & expectations.

7. improve in public speaking, confidence and the ability to deliver a well-organized argument.

8. improve their study skills & ability to retain information.

9. enjoy being a part of a team and, perhaps, traveling with them.

10. build new & lasting friendships with their teammates, competitors, officials & other coaches!(This is huge--great Christian leaders across the state & country will pour into their lives!)

11. grow in their faith (which comes by hearing the Word of God.)

12. be transformed by God's Word (It is alive & active!)


Why it works:

1. Competition, camaraderie and incentives (trophies, candy, trips, etc.) motivate quizzers to do the hard work of studying.

2. Material that is mastered sticks because of the spaced repetition & the youth of their minds.

3. We ingest the undiluted Word of God which is able to make us wise. Since Jesus is the Word of God and since “you are what you eat,” your teenager should become more Christ-like!

4. We quote the Word over and over and it will not return void!


How it works:

1. Quizzers (G6-12) learn a few verses a day and review those they've already learned.

2. They attend weekly practices to sharpen their skills on the quiz box & to build team dynamics.

3. They compete monthly (Oct-Apr) against local churches.

4. They may also travel with the team to tournaments: Invitationals, Regionals & Nationals.

5. There are 2-8 quizzers on a team, but only 3 teammates may be at the table at once.

6. Each match is 20 questions of varying difficulty & point value.


KY Specifics:

1. When? 2nd Saturday of each month from about 9am-1pm

2. Where? Lexington First A/G at the corner of Pasadena & Clays Mill

3. Levels of competition: A-league (G6-12), Middle School (G6-9), Experience (G6-12)


We look forward to working with your teenagers!                 For more info, see:

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